Don Quixote Poem Analysis
Reader Response: Don Quixote Poem

Filled with satire, intrigue and thrill, Don Quixote poem presents a whole new dimension of an attractive piece of artistry. From my perspective, the poem, done in a Spanish context, comparatively outwits may works by the great William Shakespeare. The protagonist, Alonso Quixano, attempts to restore the old idea of chivalry through embarking on an expedition to become a knight. The poem is a semblance of distinct faces of the contemporary society; the first part being an imagery of the modern day romantic scenes, while the second part succinctly outlines features of a topographic poem, outlining daily episodes as they unfold. I tend to admit that the whole tale was done to hypnotize every reader who enjoys contrast in literature. Notable is the use of contrast in the whole anecdote, as no one in the setting comprehends Don Quixote’s motive, and he too understands no one. Only Sancho, his pragmatic squire, mediates between the two factions; Don Quixote and the world since he understands the basic concepts of morality, and his passions and desire compel him to act the more. Dulchinea, a peasant, is ironically aware of her supposed future love’s chivalric dream. Submission is a virtue that maintains the cord between a master and the servant. Rocinante, Don Qixote’s horse, subscribes to this ideology and obliges to his master’s demands.

Don Quixote poem is an outright image of the contemporary society, full of contrast, love life and a course aimed towards achieving a mission. The novel is a typical inspiration to anyone aspiring to become a leader. Apparently the protagonist, Don Quixote, was raised in a humble background but through passion, determination and imagination, worked is way towards rediscovering the old chivalrous ideas. The story illustrates how an individual can rise up the ladder through determination to become an honored member of the society. Leaders are expected to make critical decisions affecting an entity. Don Quixote uses Sancho as his right hand man in making decisions, and promises to apportion him a section in the isles to rule. Appreciation is a virtue that depicts satisfaction in service. Don Quixote poem is a depiction of how the contemporary society contains characters of diverse perspectives and beliefs. The classic narrative is an assortment of irony, comedy, tragedy, and humanity. Several characters who have read this book can attribute their success to it, including the aspiring classical writers. Mixed in both an idealistic and realistic society, the story can be used to unchain oneself from the yoke of servitude.

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