Canadian Indigenous Spirituality
Canadian Indigenous Spirituality


Every human has certain degree of superstition, even if it is not publicly manifested. Superstitious beliefs have existed from the time immemorial; our ancestors subscribed to the ideals of a supernatural being that shaped the community’s norms. Superstitions have the ability to instill fear and sometimes relieve anxiety. It is quite fascinating how some towering buildings across the globe do not have floor number thirteen, or some renowned airlines like Air France lack a chamber 17. These beliefs are however, as a result of irrationality in the cognitive imaginations. Many people consider superstition a potion that gives them spiritual healing and protection from some unseen external forces this notion has been adopted by generations over and over again. Others believe superstition can cause evil. Millions of individuals fear walking in dark rooms for fear of evil that may be lurking. a series of businesses have also resorted to using magic to protect themselves from evil eyes, and to tap some unidentified potential. Movies and mind games play a vital role in luring the followers into falling into the superstitious world. This study aims at how the indigenous spirituality in Canada has influenced various aspects of life.  

Canada is a culturally rich country whose excellence in boat skating, tasty beer and first class healthcare system has placed her at the top in the international arena. Interestingly, the superstitious belief is also a norm here. For instance, according to the Canadian Sailor lore, wearing grey mitten while in the boat is not allowed.  

The Turtle Lodge

The Great Turtle Island in Canada is monumental as elders across the larger American regions throng this site, which they recognize as the central house of knowledge, as well as the governance place for knowledge keepers. This place is strategic in unifying the spiritual leaders across different regions. The history of the Turtle Lodge can be traced back to a few decades ago when Courchene, its caretaker, had a vision of a string of elderly women made a trip through the turtle-infested zone carrying potions and pledging allegiance to an elderly man holding a spiritual pipe.

The Turtle Lodge has established itself into a significant spiritual figure across the globe since its conception in 2002. It is recognized worldwide as a center for sharing indigenous knowledge on the climate change, whose aspect has adversely affected the economic activities. The government through chiefs has occasionally consulted the Manitoba elders on various issues, a factor that justifies how spiritual belief is deeply rooted in everyone, including various government entities. The existence of the monumental Turtle Lodge is yet a symbol of superstitious continuity into the unforeseeable future, since the dogma is incorporated even by the existing government to foster its well being.

A typical example was in 2017 when the Turtle Lodge received a number of distinguished visitors across South and North America, and various international scholars possessing climatic expertise. Their aim was to initiate more support to traditional knowledge, relationships, sovereignty and transformation. They together unveiled 12 Onjisay Aki Climate Calls to Action and the Lodge later received accolades for its protectionist position towards the climate. During the same period, guests spanning from Indigenous Knowledge seekers to Scientists flocked the region under the leadership of Courchene and David Suzuki to dig into the indigenous approaches to climate change alongside the scientific perspectives.

An excerpt from the Zuguswediwin “Lifting the Pip” declaration is an illustration of how the Canadian belief has deeply rooted its existence into the countrymen’s minds. The declaration statement recognizes the existence of a Creator who has imparted knowledge on the people about having a sacred relationship with spirit and land. The earth is regarded the mother through which life flows. This extract has a close connection to the biblical Creation story that has convinced Christians of the existence of a supernatural creator believed to be the origin of humanity and everything that exist therein. Perhaps everything is an intuition, but it has a ripple effect on our social wellbeing.

The Turtle Declaration statement is accompanied by a myriad of beliefs; for instance, the buffalo is regarded as the source of the Law of Respect. The Buffalo is also believed to bring the drum from which prayers and hopes of the nation are obtained. The eagle is sited as the bringer of the Law of Love. Perhaps this explains why Canadians live harmoniously? Spiritual and emotional healing are also some of the powers vested upon the Eagle. While mother Earth is responsible for the land’s abundance, the Bear is often touted to teach the people the ways of existence on the land, as well as linking the physical beings and the spiritual self. This is a clear manifestation of the existence of superstition amongst the greater Canada.

The Beaver is believed to be the source of wisdom that discerns our unique gifts that would later be used to build a healthy community. The wolf is regarded as a humble creature and through it; humanity is showered with humility and love. The Turtle Lodge is an apparent depiction of how the people strongly adopt the law of superstition to coexist among themselves. Their virtue is also built on the numerous teachings drawn from the declaration statement.

Reincarnation Beliefs of North American Indians

Majestic forces like awhirl wind have been associated with existence of a supernatural power over time. But the most mind-boggling imagination is the thought of a deceased manifesting themselves in the next generation. Religious institutions believe in life after death, inform of a spirit. The Canadians, particularly of Indian origin, subscribe to the similar beliefs as the Asian mythologies based on their complexity. Warren Jefferson gives a comprehensive analysis of how these beliefs have affected their social life. The story encompasses experiences through metamorphoses, soul travel and near-death experiences as discussed in the Internet Sacred Text Archive. The reincarnation beliefs and experienced leave the victims with awe and fear factor of an unimaginable occurrence. To some, though, it still remains one of those fantasy movies whose premise is built entirely in the mind.


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